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May 2024

Old Man Of Stoer

Old Man Of Stoer.

“British Road Trip”

December 2023

Dukes Nose



November 2023

Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja.

“Sulawesi” (No Climbing)

Old Man Of Torbay

Old Man Of Torbay, WA.

“South And Western Australia Trip”

July 2023


Lovely Lofoten Islands.

“Lovely Lofoten”

February 2023

Alas Del Viento

More Pena de Bernal.

“Queretaro Finale”

January 2023

Colorado Crack

Cold JTree.

“Joshua Tree 2023”

October 2022

Hells Canyon

Hells Canyon.

“Hells Canyon 2022”

August 2022


Pag Island, Croatia.

“Croatia Appetizer”

July 2022


Come on man! Crank up the AC!!

“City Of Rocks 2022”

June 2022

Lovers Leap


“Lovers Leap Road Trip”

May 2022

Spoko - To Nie Maroko

Tom and Shirley.

“Polished Limestone”

December 2021




November 2021

Sedona Road Trip


“Sedona Road Trip”

October 2021

The Bend

The Bend.

“The Bend Once More”


Seizure .

“The Bend 2021 Again”



“The Bend 2021”

August 2021



“Saxon Sandstone”

Wankers Columns

Wankers Columns (August 2021).

“Wankers Columns”

July 2021




May 2021

Middle East Wall

Middle East Wall.

“Vantage 2021”

April 2021

Cerro Las Tetas

Cerro Las Tetas.

“Puerto Rico”

December 2020

Crack The Skye

The Sinai.


November 2020



“Baja California Sur”

August 2020


Shirley and Parmakkaya (August 2020).

“Turkey” [In The Time Of Cholera]

Timothy Lake


“French’s Dome”

July 2020

Corrugation Corner

Lovers Leap.

“Working Remotely”

Anti-Jello Crack

Dome Rock.

“Needles Failure”

June 2020

Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks.


May 2020

The Second Coming

More of Shirley on pitch 4 (May 2020).

“New Mexico”



“The Bend 2020”

Royal Columns

Royal Columns.

“Royal Columns 2020”

Local Knowledge

Shirley and Benny at The Bend.

“Who Let The Dogs Out”

February 2020

La Nariz

Viva Colombia!


January 2020

Mokule'ia Wall

Mokule’ia Wall in all of its one pitch glory.


December 2019


Timor Rock.

“Southeastern Australia Roadtrip”

August 2019



“French Failure”

July 2019

Spire Rock

Spire Rock Summit.

“Spire Rock”

May 2019

Tres Picos

Tres Picos.


Hells Canyon

The views.

“Hells Canyon”

December 2018

Pena de Bernal

Pena de Bernal.

“Central Mexico Quickie”

Walk On The Wild Side

Walk On The Wild Side.

“JTree Day 2018”

November 2018

Ha Long Bay

OK, what’s next?


October 2018

Jefferson Park Ridge

…and a hike.

Princely Ambitions

September 2018




Beehive Peak

Beehive Peak in MT.

“Beehive Peak”

August 2018


Shirley and The General (Aug. 2018).


July 2018

Isle Of Wight

The Skeleton Ridge.

“British Chalk”

June 2018

Higher Cathedral Spire

Higher Cathedral Spire.

“Higher Cathedral Spire”

May 2018

White Punks On Dope

Warlock as seen from White Punks On Dope.

White Punks On Dope

April 2018

Mutiny In Manila

Mutiny In Manila.

“The Bend 2018”

January 2018


Shirley on Leonids.

“El Cajon”

December 2017


Very trad.

“South Africa”

November 2017

Malex Of Four Thoughts

Malex Of Four Thoughts.

“Magnolia Thunder”

October 2017


Josh on Blacklisted.

“Cold Smith With J&C”

September 2017


Back to Index.

“2017 Index Biennial”

The Bend

The Bend.

“The Bend 2017”

Diedro UBSA

Viva España!

“Spain Road Trip”

July 2017

Pasayten Wilderness

Pasayten Wilderness.

“Pasayten Nail”

June 2017

Condorphamine Addiction

Condorphamine Addiction.

“Condorphamine Addiction”

May 2017

Voie Abert

Voie Abert.


February 2017

McCarthy's West Face Variation

Devils Tower.

“Winter Day At Devils Tower”

Dreamscape Buttress

Dreamscape Buttress.

“Cochise Quickie #16”

January 2017

Rite Of Spring

Rite Of Spring.

“JTree Day 2017”

December 2016

Los Arenales

Los Arenales.

“Los Arenales”

November 2016

5 AM Breakfast

5 AM Breakfast.

“EPC Finale”

October 2016


Fall in Tieton (Oct. 2016).

“Royal Columns 2016”

September 2016


Daybreak in Yangshuo.


July 2016

El Camino Real

El Camino Real.


June 2016


Food carts.

“Three Days In Jakarta” (Not Climbing)

May 2016

Cloud Tower

Cloud Tower.

Cloud Tower

April 2016

Appetite For Destruction

Kloochman Rock.

“Appetite For Destruction”

March 2016

The Bend

The crew at The Bend.

“The Bend 2016”

February 2016

Wadi Rum

Back among friends.

“Wadi Rum Quickie”

January 2016

Illusion Dweller

Illusion Dweller.

“Joshua Tree Quickie”

December 2015

Eperon Nord

Eperon Nord, Kaga Tondo.


November 2015

Timewave Zero

Timewave Zero.

“Three Day EPC Quickie”

October 2015

Steins Pillar

Southwest Face.

Southwest Face Of Steins Pillar”

September 2015

…holy lameness batman…
Jill's Thrill

Jill’s Thrill.

“Beacon Blah”

South Face


“Blodgett Intro”

August 2015

Crying Time Again

Crying Time Again.

“Tuolumne 2015”

Sky Ridge

Sky Ridge.

Sky Ridge With J&L”

July 2015

Milk Road


Milk Road

Rooster Rock


“Oregon Stuff With Friends”


On the road again…

“Search For Rain”

June 2015

Slow Children

Slow Children.

“2015 Index Biennial”

May 2015

Vision Quest

Vision Quest.

Vision Quest

Royal Columns

The gang on the hike out.

“Royal Columns 2015”

Heartbreak Of Psoriasis

Shirley & Haydar taking in the warm sunshine.

“The Bend 2015”

April 2015

Middle East Wall

Hike out.

“Vantage 2015”

February 2015

South Bruny Island


“Southern Hemisphere Sampler”




January 2015

Bienvenidos a mi Insomnio

Cerro Trinidad.

“Valle Cochamo”

Scare Way

Indian Cove.

“Joshua Tree Day 2”

December 2014

Cape Raoul

After the climb (Jan. 2015).


November 2014

Off The Couch

Off The Couch.

“EPC Quickie”

September 2014

Lembert Dome

Lembert Dome

“Tuolumne 2014”

August 2014

Devils Tower

Devils Tower.

El Matador

Bullethead East

Bullethead East.

“Squamish Blah”


The amazing Needles.

“The Needles”

July 2014

Peasant's Route

Peasant’s Route.

Peasant’s Route


Beacon Rock.

“Back To Beacon”


Shirley absolutely adoring the Oregon sport chossaneering.

“The Coethedral”

Nanny Goat

Shirley on top of the Nanny Goat.

“Canmore Quickie”

June 2014

Morgul Vale

Morgul Vale

Morgul Vale

May 2014

Waking Dream

Beautiful Malaysia.


The Royal Columns

The Royal Columns at Tieton.

“Sunny Royal Columns”

April 2014

The Royal Columns

The Royal Columns.

“Rainy Royal Columns”

Broughton Bluff


“Broughton With Andrew”

March 2014

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree.

“Joshua Tree”

February 2014

The French Pillar

Jebel Misht.


December 2013


Scoping out the Pena.

“Mexico Road Trip”

November 2013



“Granite Mountain”

Iron Messiah

View up-canyon from Iron Messiah.

Iron Messiah

October 2013

Coyote Tower

Shirley approaching the wide exit on pitch 6.

“Coyote Tower”

Trout Creek

Zoo Creek.

“Trout Creek With Eric And Lucie”

August 2013

Kahl Wall

Kahl Wall on Yam.


Green River Bastion

Green River Bastion trailhead (Aug. 2013).

“Squamish With Tom”

Blodgett Canyon

Not Squamish.

St. Vitus’ Dance

Slippery Slope

Slippery Slope

“Slick Rock”

July 2013

West Face

West Face of Leaning Tower.

“Leaning Tower”

May 2013




Squamish Buttress

Shirley on Squamish Buttress.

Squamish Buttress

April 2013

Blood Clot

The girls licking their chops at the base of Blood Clot (Apr. 2013).

“AR 2013”

Eagle Plume Tower

Shirley on the South Face route of Eagle Plume.

“Eagle Plume Tower”

Pro Choice

Shirley moving the raps on our way down Pro Choice.


March 2013

Thin Fingers

Following Shirley’s lead of pitch 1 of Thin Fingers.

Shrinking Ball Disease

Welcome To Vantage

Into the short crux section of Welcome To Vantage (5.10c).

“Vantage 2013 Again”

Mr. Clean

Leading Mr. Clean.

“Good Day In Vantage”

February 2013

El Potrero Chico

El Potrero Chico.

“EPC 2”

December 2012

Orange Chandeliers

Shirley rapping down Orange Chandeliers.



Shirley on pitch 2 of Abracadaver (Dec. 2012).


November 2012

South Six Shooter

Hiking up to the South Six Shooter (Nov. 2012).

“Family Thanksgiving In Moab”

Forest Lawn

Shirley yelling down for someone to throw her a cig while enjoying the fabulousness of Forest Lawn (Nov. 2012).

Cragaholic’s Dream

October 2012

Southwest Face (Steins Pillar)

Shirley following the beautiful first pitch of the Southwest Face.

Southwest Face Of Steins Pillar (Failure)”

September 2012

Lumpy Ridge

Eric (in the lead), Lucie, and Shirley hiking in for a super fun day of climbing in the stunning Lumpy Ridge.

“A Weekend With Eric And Lucie”


Shirley just out of the crux moves on pitch 5 of Barad-Dur (Sept. 2012).



Blondie charging up to the pass next to point 9769′ with the Baron Lakes in the background (Sept. 2012).

“A Walk In The Sawtooths”

August 2012

Black Elk

Looking back at Shirley belaying me from the huge ledge under the huge-r chockstone (Aug. 2012).

Black Elk

The Blueberry Route

Shirley on the morning approach up the (steep) Sidewalk to the base of the west face of Exfoliation Dome (Aug. 2012).

“Exfoliation Dome”

July 2012


Shirley topping out on pitch 4 of Diedre (July 2012).


Finger Of Fate

Shirley, Marcelo, and Haydar lounging just below the summit block (July 2012).

“Finger Of Fate”

Birds Of Prey

Leading the pretty splitter that marks the start of pitch 3 of Birds Of Prey.

“Squamish Three”

Angel's Crest

Shirley on the Whaleback arete of pitch 11. Acrophobe Towers are below (July 2012).

Angel’s Crest


Shirley hiking up to the start of Dreamer (July 2012).


Regular Route (Careno Crag)

Shirley topping out on pitch 1. Every belay is on a very large ledge (July 2012).

Regular Route On Careno”

June 2012

Tide Country

Shirley at the belay atop Tide Country on the Upper Breadloaves formation (June 2012).

“City Of Rocks 2012”

Outer Space

Post climb beers (courtesy of Marcelo) at the Snow Lakes Trailhead (June 2012).

Outer Space With Friends”


Shirley topping out on the delicate pitch 6 of Sisyphus (June 2012).


May 2012

Northeast Buttress (HCR)

Leading the pitch 5 traverse on Northeast Buttress & sporting my favorite/lucky shirt (May 2012).

Northeast Buttress Of HCR”

Sunshine Wall

Union break at the tail end of Saturday’s climbing (May 2012).

“Vantage 2012”

April 2012

Primrose Dihedrals

Yours truly belaying Shirley on the third pitch of Primrose Dihedrals (Apr. 2012).

Primrose Dihedrals


The ambiance of Ozone. Washington side of the Columbia River (Apr. 2012).



The team atop Spiderman Buttress (Apr. 2012).

“Smith Classics With Clay And Alyssa”

Lovin' Arms

Fun chimney climbing finishes off pitch 1 of Lovin’ Arms (Apr. 2012).


March 2012


Shirley on Sheila.

Rites Of Spring

February 2012

The Pillar Of Wisdom

Shirley on the domes just above the top out point of The Pillar Of Wisdom (Feb. 2012).


Lower Gorge

Blondie, Shirley, and Tom crossing the Crooked River in the Lower Gorge on the way out after a nice half day of climbing in spring-like conditions (Feb. 2012).

“Gorge With Tom”

January 2012

Black Widow Hollow

Shirley topping out on pitch 2 of Black Widow Hollow (Jan. 2012).

“An Herbst And A Half”

December 2011

Honeycomb Chimney

Shirley topping out on pitch 5 of Honeycomb Chimney (Dec. 2011).

“RR In & Out”

Across The Water

Shirley leading the nice Across The Water (5.9) route on the Windfall Wall (Dec. 2011).

Across The Water

The Cave

Blondie enjoying the warm sunshine at the base of the Cave (?) in Tieton. The chilly gorge bottom are visible below (Dec. 2011).

“Royal Columns In December”

November 2011

Dope Ninja

Shirley nearing the end of the scenic traverse on pitch 4 of Dope Ninja (Nov. 2011).

“El Potrero Chico”

Fold Out

Shirley belaying me on pitch 2 of Fold Out (5.8) on Necromancer Wall (Nov. 2011).


October 2011

East Stronghold

Looking towards the Rockfellows Domes from Stronghold Dome (Oct. 2011).

“October Laziness”

September 2011

Cas Nullard

Not Idaho (September 2011).


Beckey Direct

Shirley nearing the top of pitch 2 of Beckey Direct (Sept. 2011).

Beckey Direct

August 2011

Yak Peak

The spectacular south face of Yak Peak (Aug. 2011).

Yak Check

The Tusk

Shirley topping out on our pitch 4…and our highpoint for the day (Aug. 2011).

“Top-oless On The Tusk”

Rooster Rock

Shirley with our friends on the summit of Rooster Rock (Aug. 2011).

“Rooster With Friends”

Mount Gimli

Mount Gimli as seen from the approach hike (August 2011).

“Mount Gimli”

The Mutt And Jeff

Shirley hiking the summit ridge of The Wedge to the rap anchors (Aug. 2011).

The Mutt And Jeff

July 2011

Aspen Leaf

Shirley scrambling down to the rap anchors atop Aspen Leaf. Super Hits Wall with its uber classic Bloody Fingers (5.10a) is in the background (July 2011).

“More Idaho Failures”

Mountaineers Dome

Clay, Alyssa, Shirley and Blondie (all busy looking good) at the base of the Mountaineers Dome in Leavenworth (July 2011).

“Leavenworth With Friends”

June 2011

Resolution Arete

Shirley leading the 5.9 diagonal crack on pitch 13 of Resolution Arete. This was our favorite pitch of the outing: fun climbing with beautiful exposure high above Sherwood Forest (June 2011).

Resolution Arete(finally!! 🙂 )


Yours truly following the short but nice pitch 3 of Hairpin – a 5.9 finger traverse above a small roof (June 2011).

“First Day In Squamish”

May 2011


Shirley starting up Sinsemilla (5.10c) belayed by yours truly (May 2011).

“May Day In Vantage”

April 2011


Starting the lead of pitch 3 (crux) of Sunflower. Hollow sounding rock but well protected (Apr. 2011).

Sunflower(April 2011)

Solar Flare

Poser douchebag (Apr. 2011).

“Red Rocks With Friends”(April 2011)


Shirley warming up on her favorite Wildfire line on the Wildfire Wall (Apr. 2011).

“Mazamas AR 2011”(April 2011)

Hand Job

Shirley nearing the top of Hand Job (Apr. 2011).

Hand Job(April 2011)


Shirley cruising Gruff (5.10a) on the Wildfire Wall in the Lower Gorge (March 2011).

“April 3rd 2011”(April 2011)

March 2011

Taiwan On

Shirley starting up Taiwan On (March 2011).

“March 6th At Smith”

February 2011

Grand Funk Railroad

Leading the easier pitch 2 of Grand Funk Railroad (Feb. 2011).

“Quick Stone Mountain Revisit”

Moons Of Pluto

Shirley on the lower half of Moons Of Pluto (Feb. 2011).

“Couple 2011 Winter Weekends In Smith”

Original Route (Streaker Spire)

Shirley following pitch 1 of the Original Route of Streaker Spire…creaky limestone foot ledge ensues (Feb. 2011).

“Lazy Weekend In Arizona”

December 2010

Days Of Future Passed

Days Of Future Passed.

“Search For Warmth”

November 2010

Unimpeachable Groping

Shirley following pitch 5 of Unimpeachable Groping high above the approach gully (Nov. 2010).

A quick outing to Red Rocks: here.

October 2010

Honey Pot

Blondie Awaiting her turn on Honey Pot (Oct. 2010).

“Two October Weekends” [at Smith].