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An early wake up on day two and at the base of Mosoraski route on Annica Kuk by 8am. This is a 10-pitch line with an original rating of 5c and a new guidebook rating of 6a. Even that latter felt like a sandbag. The route should be thought of as mostly trad with a sprinkling of bolts here and there (and bolted belays) though the crux pitch is bolted more densely. The climbing was pretty good and – with some attention – it was easy enough to stay on route. We were in the shade until the last pitch. We topped out, a bit after noon, into a limestone oven. A hot, uphill hike put us on the summit where the descent trail started. Couple hours later we were chilling on the rocky beaches of the Adriatic, sucking down Euro beers (many labels, one content), and making plans for the next day.


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