Revisiting The Dolomites

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Cima Piccolissima - Cassin

Cima Piccolissima.


Sella Pass.

Over the extended 4th Of July Weekend, Shirley and I got a chance to return for a bit of climbing to the Dolomites. We’ve been thinking about making this trip since our last visit there two years ago. Unlike in 2008 however (when we had 4+ weeks), this time we had just under a week (unfortunately!) to get our fill of the beautiful limestone routes. Though we failed to tick off the main objective of our trip due to weather, we did get a couple of great mid-sized routes in.


Piz Pordoi - Gross-Fuhre

Piz Pordoi.

First Sella Tower - Tissi

First Sella Tower.

  • First Sella Tower, Tissi
  • Cima Piccolissima, Cassin
  • Dolomite Failures
  • Sass Pordoi, Gross-Fuhre
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