Euro Sampler – Dolomites

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The Start

Cima Piccola - Spigolo Giallo

Spigolo Giallo.

Tofana Di Rozes - Pillar Rib

Buttress Two of Tofana Di Rozes.

So there we were – sitting around the kitchen table shaking our heads in a merry disbelief. Ahead of us lay a stretch of free time we’ve never faced before: 8 weeks! It was finally here. We had spent the last few months prior trying to decide how exactly to burn it – use it for going back to some familiar places around the western United States and trying to dispatch some of our bigger goals or try something different? Though initially leaning toward the former, in the end (and with the suggestion of our friends) we went for the latter. Yes Sir! A two-month circuit of stamp-collecting conventions it was going to be!!


Tofana Di Rozes - Pillar Rib

Pillar Rib.

Torre Venezia - Tissi

Torre Venezia.

Our climbing trip started with a whole shitload of driving (two shitloads in fact!) and little climbing. Drove down to California only to fail. Drove back up to Portland. Picked up our dog Blondie and spent the next three days driving the 3000 miles to the east coast where Blondie would spend the summer with my parents. A week into our trip and the only thing we really succeeded on was climbing my parents’ roof (to fix a leaky tile) – a project that I initially felt would go at 5.7 R (slab) but the roof material proved too slippery and the challenge was eventually solved A0-style ala FA of Lost Arrow Spire.


Cima Grande Di Lavaredo - Comici

North Face – Comici.

Cima Grande Di Lavaredo - Comici

View from N. Face of Cima Grande.

Note: My Dolomite route ratings & pitch counts are quoted from:
Classic Rock Climbs in the Dolomites by Anette Kohler & Norbert Memmel. ISBN-10: 1898573344; ISBN-13: 978-1898573340.

The Climbs

Cima Grande Di Lavaredo - Comici

Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

Tre Cime Di Lavaredo

Cima Piccola.

  • Venice
  • Dolomites – Part 1: Cinque Torri
  • Dolomites – Part 2: Vinatzer (V+ 13P) on Third Sella
  • Dolomites – Part 3: Trenker (V- 6P) on First Sella Tower
  • Dolomites – Part 4: Tissi (VI- 15P) on Torre Venezia
  • Dolomites – Part 5: Pillar Rib (VI- 18) on Tofana Di Rozes
  • Dolomites – Part 6: Spigolo Giallo (VI 14P) on Cima Piccola
  • Dolomites – Part 7: Comici (VII- 16P) on Cima Grande
  • Dolomites – Part 8: Steger (VI- 18P) on Cima Catinaccio
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