Lovers Leap

Lovers Leap

Traveler Buttress and Corrugation Corner.

Lake Tahoe

Happy dogs!!

Two trips a decade apart so far. Somehow we forgot how much fun we had climbing there in 2010. The last trip was a great reminder and we also found out that the place is pretty dog friendly: none of the routes are very long and yet the approaches to the bases don’t seem too appealing to non-climber riffraff. Also, throw in beautiful Lake Tahoe 30 minutes away and it’s practically doggie paradise!

Trip Reports Listed Chronologically

Traveler Buttress

Travelers Buttress.

Hospital Corner

Hospital Corner.

  • “Lovers Leap Road Trip” (June 2022)
  • “Working Remotely” (July 2020)
  • “Lovers Leap Weekend” (June 2010)
  • Alphabetical List Of Routes

    The Line

    The Line.

    Lovers Leap


  • It’s Better With Bacon (5.8)
  • Corrugation Corner (5.7)
  • The Groove (5.8)
  • Hospital Corner (5.10-)
  • Haystack (5.8)
  • The Line (P1, 5.9)
  • Psychedelic Tree (5.9)
  • Scheister (5.7)
  • Surrealistic Pillar Direct (5.10-)
  • Traveler Buttress (5.9)
  • Traveler Buttress (5.8, P1)
  • .

    Traveler Buttress

    Climbing dikes.

    Corrugation Corner

    Corrugation Corner.