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Pitch Black

Pitch Black.


Beautiful Bernal.

A small sampling of what Mexico has to offer from a few quick trips to date. After our 2013 road trip, we’re itching to explore more of this beautiful country. So far, obviously Potrero is the favorite (highest density of multi-pitch climbs) but Pena de Bernal is not far behind (fewer routes but the place is indeed “magico”). Still fascinated by climbing around Mineral del Chico but climbing beta is hard to come by.

By Trip


Lovely Loreto.


Beautiful Mexico.

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  • “Queretaro Finale” (February 2023)
  • “Baja California Sur” (November 2020)
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  • By Area

    El Potrero Chico (Nuevo Leon)

    Black Cat Bone

    Black Cat Bone.

    Timewave Zero

    Timewave Zero summit.

  • Estrellita (12P, 5.10b)
  • Dope Ninja (6P, 5.10b)
  • Space Boyz (11P, 5.10d)
  • Yankee Clipper (11P, 5.10b)
  • Pancho Villa Rides Again (5P, 5.10c)
  • Satori (6P, 5.10c)
  • Jungle Mountaineering (4P, 5.9)
  • Las Chimuelas (3P, 5.8)
  • Jungle Fever (2P, 5.10a)
  • Off The Couch (7P, 5.10d)
  • Will The Wolf Survive (4P, 5.10a)
  • .

    Agua De Coco

    Agua De Coco.

    El Potrero Chico

    Good morning again Potrero.

  • Treasure Of The Sierra Madre (7P, 5.10c)
  • Black Cat Bone (9P, 5.10d)
  • Excalibur (6P, 5.10c)
  • Super Nova (8P, 5.11a)
  • Snott Girlz (7P, 5.10d)
  • Pepe Y Lupe (3P, 5.10c)
  • Agua De Coco (4P, 5.10d)
  • Pitch Black (6P, 5.10d)
  • Timewave Zero (23P, 5.11- A0)
  • 5 AM Breakfast (6P, 5.10b)
  • Access Denied (4P, 5.10c)
  • Cactus Pile (3P, 5.10b)
  • NOT El Potrero Chico (Nuevo Leon)

    Crescent Moon Buttress

    Crescent Moon Buttress.

    Crescent Moon Buttress

    Crescent Moon Buttress.

  • Crescent Moon Buttress (8P, 5.10a)
  • Pena de Bernal (Queretaro)

    King Kong

    King Kong.



  • Horizonte De Estrellas to Bernalina (6P, 5.10b)
  • Via Del Padre to Bernalina (6P, 5.10b)
  • Filo Noroccidental (7P, 5.10a)
  • King Kong (8P, 5.10c)
  • Alas Del Viento (13P, 5.10b)
  • Espolon Central (7P, 5.9)
  • Parque Nacional El Chico (Hidalgo)

    La Tanda

    Mas Alla De La Estrellas.

    Parque Nacional El Chico

    Parque Nacional El Chico.

  • Transversal (4P, 5.9)
  • Mas Alla De La Estrellas (4P, 5.10b)
  • Aculco (Mexico)





  • Punos del 11 (1P, 5.7)
  • Psicosis (1P, 5.10a)
  • El Libra de la Solemnidad (1P, 5.9)
  • Cascarita de Limon (1P, 5.10a)
  • Loreto (Baja California Sur)





  • Lolita (6P, 5.8+)
  • Resources

    El Potrero Chico

    Enjoying some pizza and margaritas from Edgardo’s trailer.

  • Ed’s page for all things El Potrero. From climbing beta (Ed’s guidebooks are the most complete guides to EPC) to casita rentals and airport shuttling. Very sadly, Ed passed away in 2015. The area has lost its principal caretaker and many climbers – including us – have lost a good friend.
  • Comprehensive guidebooks for everything else. Love flipping through the pages & daydreaming about future adventures!
  • There are other resources online…but you can figure those out for yourself.

    El Potrero Favorites

    Off The Couch

    Off The Couch. Drew Smith photo.

    Over the course of our five visits to El Potrero Chico, we have climbed the majority of the routes that were within our ability and of interest to us (don’t care about single pitch stuff). Sure, there are always loose ends to tie up and in a pinch I’m sure we’d find a handful that would justify another easy climbing holiday in the sunny Nuevo Leon. And of course there’s always the possibility of new development. However, reflecting back on all the fun times, we think that these are our favorites to date:

    Agua De Coco

    Agua De Coco.

    Agua De Coco – fun pocket-y climbing with nice views of the Jungle Wall across the canyon. There’s even a palm tree belay station (don’t worry – it’s all bolted of course). A good way to burn a half day.

    Medium Short
    Snott Girlz

    Snott Girlz (P5).

    Snott Girlz – very good climbing including some crack sections up high. A route that tops out on the ridge gendarme and offers enticing views of Time Wave Zero Buttress. Pitch 5 opener is quite photogenic – make sure the belayer is the one with the camera.
    Off The Couch – move per move, the front side seems to have the sort of face climbing we enjoy the most – not overly steep but quite crimpy (ala Smith). While all three routes that we’ve done there top out on the same scenic ridge (Scariest Ride In The Park traverse), this was our favorite. Man I wish we were good enough for the real gem of the front side.

    Medium Long
    Space Boyz

    Space Boyz.

    Space Boyz – is the original classic line of EPC (a modern North American favorite) and without a doubt it is a great line! A nice mouthful of a day even if the rock is getting polished in places.
    Black Cat Bone – good variety: from crimpy faces to a roof pull to a (pretty challenging) chimney up high. Don’t let the grassy break in the lower third deter you. The position is quite nice and it does not get the crowds like its next door neighbor (SB).

    Timewave Zero

    Timewave Zero.

    Timewave Zero – the moderate classic of the area (well, if you aid the 5.12 pitch like we did). Despite the complaints you read online (monotonous, not sustained etc), we found the climbing to be very good and the position – high above the interior of the Potrero – to be spectacular. One of the modern classics of North America.

    Pueblos Mágicos



    Misión San Javier

    Misión San Javier.

  • Mineral del Chico, Hidalgo
  • Bernal, Queretaro
  • Aculco, Mexico
  • Loreto, Baja California Sur
  • San Joaquin, Queretaro
  • Cadereyta de Montes, Queretaro
  • Tequiquiapan, Queretaro
  • Amealco de Bonfil, Queretaro
  • Todos Santos, Baja California Sur
  • .

    Cadereyta de Montes

    Cadereyta de Montes.

    Mineral del Chico

    Mineral del Chico.


    Amealco de Bonfil

    Amealco de Bonfil.

    Todos Santos

    Todos Santos.


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