Moab Area

Eagle Plume Tower

Eagle Plume.

Fine Jade

Fine Jade.

Our first visit to Moab happened over an extended Christmas weekend in 2004. I recall carefully studying the beta and wondering if we had it in us to climb the Kor-Ingalls route on Castleton Tower. With many doubts in our heads, we gave Castleton a go and have not been the same since. The tower bug was firmly planted! We’ve made a few more trips back to the area and hope to make many more! Somwhere along this journey, we met Brad (& a few of his crew) whose website has been (and continues to be) a huge inspiration to us!

Trip Reports Listed Chronologically


The north face of Moses (Apr. 2012).

Zenyatta Entrada

Zenyatta Entrada (March 2006).

Virgin Wool

Sheep Rock.

Vision Quest

Vision Quest on King Of Pain.

Listing By Area and Route

The Fisher Towers

Northeast Ridge

Northeast Ridge on Kingfisher.


River Tower.

The River Road

Lonely Vigil

Lonely Vigil.

Kor Route

Kor Route.

Castle Valley

The Rectory

Rectory-Castleton saddle.

Jah Man

Rapping Sister Superior.

Arches NP



South Gossip

South Gossip.

Kane Creek Canyon

Reign Of Terror

Shirley, Paul, and Brad on the summit of the Predator.

Devils Golf Ball

Devil’s Golf Ball.

Indian Creek & Canyonlands NP

Lightning Bolt Cracks

Pitch 1 of Lightning Bolt Cracks.

Washer Woman

Washer Woman.

Other Areas

Window Route

Shirley rapping from Echo Pinnacle.

Eagle Plume Tower

Eagle Plume Tower.

The Views

Zenyatta Entrada

Shirley on the subsummit shoulder of The Tower Of Babel (Apr. 2008).

The Six Shooters
North Six Shooter

The North Six Shooter from the South Six Shooter.

Lightning Bolt Cracks

The South Six Shooter from the North Six Shooter.

The two proud towers on the edge of Indian Creek. One with a classic, moderate route to its summit (5.7) and one with a classic not-so-moderate line (5.11). Links to respective pages here and here.

Castle Valley
Jah Man

Priest, Rectory, and Castleton from Sister Superior.

Castle Valley

Sister Superior, Priest and Rectory from Castleton.

Mexican Hat
Mexican Hat

Shirley rapping off of Mexican Hat in the afternoon glow. San Juan River and colorful hillsides provide the nice backdrop (late fall 2006).

The Big Four


Fine Jade

Castleton Tower.


Fine Jade

The Rectory.

Lightning Bolt Cracks

North Six Shooter.