Joshua Tree

Loose Lady

Joshua Tree.

Joshua Tree

Joshua trees in Joshua Tree NP.

It’s funny how long we had considered Joshua Tree to be a back-up plan for Red Rocks as opposed to being its own destination. I think it took two trips for us to really like place. Now we realize how special the area really is: uniquely beautiful landscape, fantastic granite and what the routes may lack in length they certainly make up for in quality and (in many cases) stoutness. We’d go more often if they allowed dogs or if Shirley got more work related trips down to southern California.


Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree NP.

Scare Way

Dos Equis Wall.

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  • By Route

    Breakfast Of Champions

    Breakfast Of Champions.

    Illusion Dweller

    Illusion Dweller.

  • Apparition (5.10a)
  • Bird Of Fire (5.10a)
  • Bird On A Wire (5.10a, 3 pitches)
  • Breakfast Of Champions (5.9, 2 pitches)
  • Cakewalk (5.8)
  • Colorado Crack (5.9)
  • Count On Your Fingers (5.9)
  • Dappled Mare (5.8, 3 pitches)
  • Direct South Face (Of Moosedog Tower; 5.9, 2 pitches)
  • Illusion Dweller (5.10b)
  • .

    Solid Gold

    Solid Gold.

    Walk On The Wild Side

    Walk On The Wild Side.

  • Loose Lady (5.9)
  • North Overhang (5.9, 2 pitches)
  • Pope’s Crack (5.9)
  • Right Baskerville Crack (5.10a)
  • Rite Of Spring (5.9)
  • Scare Way (5.10b)
  • Solid Gold (5.10a, 2 pitches)
  • Walk On The Wild Side (5.8, 3 pitches)
  • Snowy JTree

    Joshua Tree

    November 2004. Clicky.

    Joshua Tree