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Karambony Pillar.

Cas Nullard

Cas Nullard.

It seems to us that the bulk of the effort (and cash) was spent in reaching the Tsaranoro Massif from the west coast of the US. The actual stay in the area was both a relaxing and a relatively cheap affair with great (if mostly hard for us) climbing. Having made the reservations about 10 months prior, we set off on our trip in mid September of 2011. The short version goes like this: just under 6h to the east coast, just over 6h to Paris, nearly double that to Antananarivo (Tana), a 4-hour night in a motel, capped off by a 12-hour drive south to Camp Catta at the foot of the Tsaranoro Massif.


Camp Catta

Catta Lemur.

La Croix Du Sud

La Croix Du Sud.

Though it’s just a single, two week trip we’ve decided to break up the pages given the large quantity of photos. Enjoy!

  • Part 1: The trip to Camp Catta.
  • Part 2: Alien.
  • Part 3: La Croix du Sud.
  • Part 4: Pectorine.
  • Part 5: Cas Nullard.
  • Part 6: Climbing failures of the outing.
  • Part 7: Long trip back home.
  • Panoramas

    Tsaranoro Massif

    Tsaranoro Massif.

    Tsaranoro Massif

    Sunrise on the Tsaranoro Massif in Madagascar.


    Village of Ambositra.

    The Where


    Location of the Tsaranoro Massif in Madagascar – blue circle south of Fianarantsoa marks the spot. Public domain map courtesy of CIA World Factbook.

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