Saguaro National Park

Shirley and two hi-fiving saguaros in Saguaro National Park (Nov. 2012).

Our favorite state for winter climbing. Ahead of Utah (usually too cold in the dead of winter) and well ahead of Red Rocks (getting crowded…). The temples of Grand Canyon, the handsome (and off-limits) towers of Monument Valley and the Navajolands, the spectacular granite domes along the Mexican border and of course the red towers of Sedona. Once you leave the endless suburban nightmares of Phoenix and Tucson, nothing but gorgeous open country full of climbing adventures to be had. And the state finally got rid of the fucking photo radar set ups on its highways (…who’s the nazi that came up with that brilliant idea in the first place?).


Stay classy Arithona!

  • Cochise Stronghold
  • Sedona
  • Granite Mountain
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    Why, AZ

    The metropolis of Why, AZ.....or was it Sonora already?? Can't tell with all the border partrol checkpoints it took to get there....Submitted for TR - so don't be cross at me for lack of relevance!