Los Arenales

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Los Arenales

Los Arenales.

I think we first heard of Los Arenales two years ago while climbing in Frey. A well-known Frey “local” (Mike from Switzerland) spoke of multi-pitch routes and splitter granite cracks. However the idea left our minds for over a year until one day seemingly out of the blue Shirley suggested that we look into going there. Fortuitously, we found the website advertising a new, about-to-be-released guidebook for the area. The photos were pretty, the routes looked plentiful and moderately long and so we bought a couple of tickets to the nearby Mendoza, reserved a car and thus hammered out our Christmas 2017 climbing plans in the course of an afternoon.

The Climbs

El Condor Pasa

El Condor Pasa.



  • Los Arenales Arrival
  • Patricia
  • El Zorro
  • Condor Pasa
  • Armonica
  • Quick Video



  • Video Panoramic (view from top of El Cohete).
  • Arenales Pano

    Los Arenales

    Los Arenales Valley (Dec. 2016).

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