Spanish Road Trip

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Brullet in Montserrat.

Diedro UBSA

Diedro UBSA on Penon de Ifach.

After a fun 4th of July backcountry outing, our summer took a turn for the slow in terms of climbing. We couldn’t find anything to get excited about that would fit within a regular weekend and also allow us to bring our pup along (and if it doesn’t need passports, it’s not worth boarding the dog). Earlier in the spring however we had the foresight to consolidate all those potential 3 day weekends we’d normally take into a weeklong stretch during Labor Day and coincidentally were able to find some cheapo Europe tickets. And so a Spanish quickie was going to cap off our mediocre summer.

We left Friday after work with few plans or reservations but with some 10 pounds of climbing guidebooks and open minds.

The Details


Serón-Millán in Riglos.


Monistrol de Montserrat.

  • Rainy Picos de Europa
  • Day In Riglos
  • Penon de Ifach
  • Day In Montserrat
  • Half Day In Montserrat
  • The Videos


    Serrat del Moro.



  • “Picos de Europa”
  • “Picu Urriellu”
  • “El Pison Summit Pano”
  • “Riglos Beer Time”
  • “Rapping Serrat del Moro”
  • The Road Trip

    Spanish road trip: from the alpine vistas of Picos de Europa to the rural ambiance of Aragon; from the sun-bleached Mediterranean to the cathedral spires of Montserrat. A total of 6 days, 2800km, 6 liters of wine and some 33ish pitches of climbing.

    Spanish Road Trip

    Spanish Road Trip.

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