The Mace

Regular Route on The Mace.

Sedona Scenic Cruise

Sedona Scenic Cruise.

First visit to Sedona in 2005 involved the classic Regular Route on The Mace followed by a failure on Oak Creek Spire…failure to find the base of the tower drowning in suburban sprawl. The tower bagging is of course fun though we’re not too crazy about Sedona itself. Still, there are a couple more routes we’d love to come back for.

Chronological List Of Trip Reports

Summit Block Rock

Summit Block Rock.

Coyote Tower

Coyote Tower.

  • “Sedona Road Trip” (November 2021)
  • “Coyote Tower” (October 2013)
  • “Lazy Weekend In Arizona” (February 2011)
  • “Red Rock Mix” (February 2008)
  • “Sedona And Cochise” (February 2007)
  • “Desert Stuff” (December 2005)
  • Listing By Route

    Oak Creek Spire

    Oak Creek Spire.

    The Mace

    The Mace.

  • Coyote Tower on Coyote Tower (5.10)
  • Dr. Rubo’s Wild Ride on Summit Block Rock (5.9)
  • Mars Attacks on Fin Rock (5.8+)
  • North Face – West Cracks on Oak Creek Spire (5.9+)
  • Original Route on Streaker Spire (5.7+)
  • Regular Route on The Mace (5.9+)
  • Sedona Scenic Cruise on Rock Of Gibraltar (5.9)