Smith Rock


Work in progress. It’ll be a while…
“Cold Smith With J&C” (October 2017)
“Sky Ridge With J&L” (August 2015)
“Oregon Stuff With Friends” (July 2015)
“AR 2013” (April 2013)
“Smith Classics With Clay And Alyssa” (April 2012)
“Gorge With Tom” (February 2012)
Across The Water (December 2011)
“May Weekend Of (Not) Climbing In Smith” (May 2011)
“Mazamas AR 2011” (April 2011)
Hand Job (April 2011)
“April 3rd 2011” (April 2011)
“March 6th At Smith” (March 2011)
“Couple 2011 Winter Weekends In Smith” (February 2011)
“Two October Weekends” (October 2010)
“May Day In Marsupials” (May 2010)
Lost In Space (April 2010)
“Smith With Mr. X” (March 2010)
“Puck This” (March 2010)
“March Weekend Of Cragging in PNW” (March 2010)
“Feb 2010 Day In Gorge” (February 2010)
Bat Flake (January 2010)
“Lower Gorge Moderates” (November 2009)
Birds In A Rut (October 2009)
Wherever I May Roam ‘Gain” (September 2009)
Chimney De Chelly (April 2009)
“February Weekend In 2009” (February 2009)
“Chilly January On West Side” (January 2009)
Bubbas In Bondage (November 2008)
“Lower Gorge In March ’08” (March 2008)
“Lower Gorge Spring With Friends” (March 2008)
“Lower Gorge With Jason” (March 2008)
Condor (March 2008)
“A Full House In Lower Gorge” (February 2008)
“Feb Mix” (February 2008)
Peapod Cave (January 2008)
Walking While Intoxicated (January 2008)
“A Day At Smith With Friends” (November 2007)
“Smith Mix With Friends” (October 2007)
“Some Smith Wideness” (September 2007)
“Snake Rock With Friends” (September 2007)
“Windfall Wall With Friends” (July 2007)
“East Side Of The River” (June 2007)
“Pig Practice On Monkey” (June 2007)
“Monkey’s East Face Attempt” (April 2007)
West Face Aid Line On Monkey” (March 2007) ..march 24/25
Culls In Space (March 2007)
“Lower Gorge’s Two Stars” (October 2006)
The Ferret’s Dead (October 2006)
“Turkey Monster Failure” (October 2006)
“Some East Side Stuff” (September 2006)
“Smith Spring Mix” (March 2006)
“Mid-Winter Sunshine In Smith” (February 2006)
I Almost Died (January 2006)
Off Tempo (December 2005)
“This And That” (November 2005)
“Early Days In The Lower Gorge” (November 2005)
“First Time In The Lower Gorge” (October 2005)
“More Silly Peak Bagging” (October 2005)
Paper Tiger (September 2005)
Trezlar And Tale Of Two Shitties (September 2005)
Snibble Tower (July 2005)
White Satin And Solar (July 2005)
Toys In The Attic (May 2005)
“Sutton Mountain” (April 2005)
“Variation To The Variation To The West Face Variation (March 2005)
“Sunny Main Area” (February 2005)
Karate Crack (February 2005)
“Plan B” (January 2005)
“New Testament” (December 2004)
Sunset Slab (December 2004)
“Weekend With Josh” (December 2004)
Rabbit Stew (November 2004)
Peking And Such” (October 2004)
“Weekend With Family In 2004” (August 2004)
Juniper Snag (February 29th, 2004)
Pack Animal And Such” (February 2004)
Bookworm (January 2004)
The Climb (Of The Water Groove)” (December 2003)
“Pre-Christmas In Smith” (December 2003)
“Smith With Haydar” (October 2003)
“Smith – The Beginnings” (June 2002)