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The Pillar Of Wisdom


The sky is clear and star filled. The fire is giving off steady warmth. The beat up hands and fingers are a familiar sensation. As is the crunch of sand between our teeth. We hear the muezzin and his evening call to prayer from the village below. We smile. Not Utah , that’s for sure. We take stock of our food – an orange and a candy bar. Half a bottle of water. Life is good. Our chasing of the daylight ended at about 6:30. Just a couple of rappels and a 30 minute hike separate us from our tent in the village below. We’re at the bottom of a hanging gully most of the way down (the complex) Hammad’s Route. Failed to locate the rap anchors in the encroaching darkness. We’re sprawled out comfortably on rope mats woven from our twins (thanks Mazamas rescue class). There’s a pile of deadwood to be rationed through the night. We’ve been in Wadi Rum for a week now and here we are – benighted. We smile again. This is fucking awesome!

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The Pillar Of Wisdom

Shirley atop The Pillar Of Wisdom route (Feb. 2012).

Where do I start? With mundane route by route descriptions of the lines we climbed? With a feeble attempt to convey the out-of-this-world desert scenery? Or by describing the warm hospitality of the Bedouin people of Wadi Rum?

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    Wadi Rum

    A dromedary (Arabian camel). Member of the family Camelidae whose diet consists primarily of cardboard (Feb. 2012).

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