Battle Ax Mountain

Battle Ax Mountain (2018).

This is a compilation of what we like to do with our free time: climbing, traveling, food, and alcohol.

Spire Rock

Triangulation Peak (2019).

Don’t take any route related information here as fact. My memory is bad and you’re better off assuming I’m full of shit anyway. Use your judgment.


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After I took the photo, the camel asked me for a baksheesh (Dec. 2020).

Old EPC Trip Page Redone
Black Cat Bone

Black Cat Bone.

Moonlight Butt Remastered
Moonlight Buttress

Clikcy clikcy.

Updated 3FJ Page
Three Fingered Jack

3FJ clicky clicky (Aug. 2009).

Updated Mount Thielsen Page
Mount Thielsen

Mount Thielsen (June 2004).