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A week after I came back from a family-related trip to Europe, we once again found ourselves eastward bound over the Atlantic. We picked Croatia as an “anti-Sudan” type of a trip: low adventure, trivial logistics, but hopefully more climbing. Also, some Europe destinations just make sense as week-long outings (eg. Wales, Sicily) as the climbing that is of interest to us is limited and the weather is typically predictable. From online reports and photos, Paklenica (the “c” is pronounced as “ts”) National Park looked like another run of the mill, Euro limestone climbing venue (i.e. not that great). What pushed us over the edge were some photos of a little tower called Stogaj on the Island of Pag: this one looked kind of unique and was situated in an interesting setting. Plus, there were the cool-looking beaches.


We arrived in Zagreb on a late Sunday afternoon, picked up our rental car and drove some 2.5 hours to a pre-booked apartment just outside of Paklenica National Park.


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