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Wadi Rum

Among friends.

A week off during Presidents’ Day Weekend and a desire for something different than say Red Rocks or Moab or Cochise. We’ve toyed with the idea of revisiting the magical Wadi Rum in Jordan ever since our first trip there in 2012. That original trip was two weeks long but also included some sightseeing in Petra and around the Dead Sea neighborhood. If we were to skip all the tourist stuff, it seemed to us that a week would be plenty. The email exchanges with our friend Khaled over the past year served as the catalyst and we finally decided to give it a go.

Pulling Off A Wadi Rum Quickie

Flight Of Fancy

Flight Of Fancy.

The trip over went something like this: Leave the house at 6am on Saturday for the 8am flight to San Francisco. A 5 hour layover and a 10 hour flight to Frankfurt. Another 5 hour layover followed by a 4 hour flight to Amman arriving in the evening on Sunday. Grab luggage (getting a visa before the trip sped things up) and get picked up by a pre-arranged cab for the 4 hour drive south to Wadi Rum. Finally a 30 minute drive in Khaled’s pick up to his camp in the desert. About 31 hours between having an oatmeal breakfast at home and enjoying some very late dinner of delicious chicken stew and sweet tea in Khaled’s encampment.

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Wadi Rum

Beautiful Jordanian desert (Feb. 2016).

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