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Italy To Greece

Linie Des Fallenden Tropfens

Linie Des Fallenden Tropfens.

Pixari - Archimedes


Our time in the Dolomites ended all too quickly – we still had so many ideas on our list… But it was time for some warm and sunny (so we hoped) cragging. We drove back to Venice and caught a flight to Thessaloniki via Zurich. Arrived in Thessalonki at 2am and slept in the airport terminal till the car rental place opened up at 8am. After that it was a quick drive to Kastraki and the famous Meteora.


Kumarieskopf - Hartetest


Pixari - Archimedes

Pixari with its hermitages.

The scenery is out of this world – countless towers directly above the village and some of them sport monasteries on their summits. The rock looks like granite from afar but of course is not. A curious conglomerate – smooth rocks (ranging from thumbnail- to TV-sized) embedded in something resembling concrete. Stuff seems quite solid for the most part as we’d find out later. Out of our motel window we could see some of our objectives and were itching to get started in this new playground. We spent the afternoon walking around the village of Kastraki and the next-door (touristy) Kalambaka. We immersed ourselves in the local culture over a large taverna dinner (tzatziki, Greek salad, Alpha beer, and much souvlaki) and bled many Euros on the two-volume Meteora climbing guide book.

The Climbing

Heiliger Geist - Traumpfeiler

Pillar Of Dreams.

Heiliggeistwachter - Sudwestkante


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    Moni Megalu Meteorou.

    Sourloti - Hypotenuse



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