Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles.


The Sheriffs Badge.

Probably the most famous cragging area in the Pacific Northwest and deservedly so. If we did not live in North America, this one would be worthy of a big trip! The weather has ruined quite a few weekend trips for us here but we still have so many classics that we’d like to climb.

  • Milk Road (July 2015)
  • “Squamish Blah” (August 2014)
  • Peasant’s Route (July 2014)
  • “Squamish With Tom” (August 2013)
  • St. Vitus’ Dance (August 2013)
  • Squamish Buttress (May 2013)
  • “Bored” (July 2012)
  • “Squamish Three” (July 2012)
  • Angel’s Crest (July 2012)
  • “First Day In Squamish” (June 2011)
  • Alphabetically

    Peasant's Route

    Peasant’s Route.

    Angel's Crest

    Angel’s Crest.

  • Angel’s Crest (5.10b)
  • Birds Of Prey (5.10b)
  • Blazing Saddles (5.10b)
  • Borderline (5.10b)
  • Bullethead East (5.10c)
  • Cold Comfort (5.9)
  • Diedre (5.8)
  • Hairpin (5.10a)
  • Milk Road (5.10d A0)
  • Papoose One (5.10b)
  • Peasant’s Route (5.10c)
  • Picket Line (5.9)
  • Rock On (5.10a)
  • Smoke Bluff Connection (5.10b)
  • Snake (5.9, attempt)
  • Squamish Buttress (5.10c)
  • St. Vitus’ Dance (5.9)
  • More Sights

    The Chief

    The Chief on a drizzly day.

    Angel's Crest

    Shirley starrting the hike down from the Middle Summit of The Chief. South Summit and the Howe Sound are visible (July 2012).