Oregon Cascades


Barad-Dur on Wolf Rock.

Turkey Monster

Turkey Monster (click for high. res.).

Our “climbing career” started here with a few, easy snow climbs of the volcanos. Our interests eventually shifted more to rock and we came back for a handful of “adventure” climbs on volcanic plugs and walls scattered throughout the Oregon Cascade foothills. Much more to do here and hopefully we’ll continue chipping away. Perhaps someday we’ll even get into snow and ice…By the way, whoever said that there’s no good rock climbing in Oregon outside of Smith or Trout has not been to Wolf Rock. A couple of TR’s below still need to be filled in…slowly – another 3+ years perhaps. Enjoy.

Trip Reports Chronologically

Wy’East, Steel Cliff Gullies

Wy’East, Steel Cliff Gullies.

  • “Frenchs Dome” (August 2020)
  • “Spire Rock” (July 2019)
  • “South Rabbit Ear – Attempt” (August 2017)
  • “The Coethedral” (July 2014)
  • Morgul Vale (June 2014)
  • Barad-Dur (September 2012)
  • “Three Fingered Jack” (August 2009)
  • “Cougar Buttress” (June 2009)
  • “Monster In The Woods” (August 2007)
  • “Turkey Monster Attempt” (October 2006)
  • “Wy’East, Steel Cliff Gullies On Mount Hood” (May 2005)
  • “North Rabbit Ear” (November 2004)
  • .
    Peregrine Traverse

    Peregrine Traverse on Acker Rock

  • Peregrine Traverse (October 2004)
  • “Castle Crags And Mount Thielsen” (June 2004)
  • “Old Man And Old Woman” (May 2004)
  • “Broken Top” (October 2002)
  • “Mount Washington” (August 2002)
  • “Middle Sister” (June 2002)
  • “West Crater Rim Of Hood” (May 2002)
  • “Second Time Up Hood” (April 2002)
  • “Mount McLoughlin Hike” (October 2001)
  • “South Sister” (October 2001)
  • “First Time Up Hood” (June 2001)
  • The Early Days

    Mount Hood

    Shirley enjoying the sunrise on the summit of Mount Hood – June 2001.