South And Western Australia Trip

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On The Lee Side

Peak Head, WA.

Outside Chance

Moonarie, SA.

Sabbatical number three: delayed a year but finally a “go.” Way older and with more of mid-life’s normal baggage but still excited at the prospect of climbing in new places. After about a decade and a half of climbing outside the US, we’ve come to know our preferences pretty well; and so we planned this stretch of time to include the logistically easy Australia and the less easy India, with a bit of Indonesia sightseeing thrown into the mix.


Old Man Of Torbay

Old Man Of Torbay.

Gibraltar Rock

Gibraltar Rock.

We had two Australian destinations in mind for this trip: Moonarie in the outback of South Australia and some seaside cliffs in the southwest corner of Western Australia. We had learned about the existence of the former when I stumbled onto a then new guidebook to the area some five years earlier. Like most of Australian climbing venues, Moonarie routes were not long (4-5 pitches max) but the bright orange rock and the remote setting were the draw.


Outside Chance

Outside Chance.



Simon Carter’s coffee table book on Australian climbing included a few photos from Western Australia; specifically Peak Head and The Old Man of Torbay, a pseudo sea stack. Both of those featured some nice looking rock above a blue ocean – a pretty exotic mix for US climbers.




The Raven

The Raven.

  • Moonarie Day One
  • Moonarie Day Two
  • Moondarie Days Three And Four
  • Albany Day One
  • Albany Day Two
  • Albany Day Three
  • Albany Day Four
  • Albany Day Five
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    Old Man Of Torbay

    Old Man Of Torbay.



  • Horizontal Chimney On Flying Buttress
  • Views From Pitch 1 Of Albatross
  • Access Pitch For On The Lee Side
  • Shirley Following On Old Man Of Torbay
  • Old Man Of Torbay Summit Pano
  • Beta

    Flying Buttress

    Flying Buttress.

    On The Lee Side

    Peak Head.

    For Moonarie climbing, we relied on the newish (2019) guidebook called Moonarie – A Rock Climber’s Guide by Rob Baker and Joseph Goding. For Albany area climbs, West Australian Rock – A Guide To The Best Rock Climbing In WA (2012) was pretty good. You should supplement that with information from


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