Central Mexico Quickie

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King Kong

The King Kong Pillar.

Pena de Bernal

Post climb beers in Bernal.

We have been hoping to make a return trip to the impressive looking Pena de Bernal in Queretaro for some time.  That urge intensified in the last couple of years as I found updated information on some classic routes as well some nice looking new development on aspects of the monolith not explored on our previous trip five years ago.  Additionally, I found the inviting looking SouthernXposure website (a relatively new guiding service in central Mexico operated by an American named Simeon) that extolled the virtues of crack climbing in Aculco.  Though we usually find single pitch cragging not worthy of traveling to, this little canyon with its splitter cracks looked quite nice and so we figured it was worth a day of our vacation; not to mention that our Pena de Bernal goals were limited to two routes.

The Details

Cascarita de Limon

Aculco cracks.

Pena de Bernal

Pena de Bernal.

  • Aculco The Town
  • Aculco The Crag
  • Filo Noroccidental
  • King Kong
  • The Pena

    Pena de Bernal

    Pena de Bernal on arrival.

    Pena de Bernal

    Pena de Bernal on departure.


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