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Cochise Stronghold

West side of Cochise (Dec. 2010).

Having a few vacation days left over in 2010 (benefits of sticking it out with single employers), Shirley & I started making some loose plans for a weeklong road trip. Though there are always ideas and goals, we were flexible as to the details of the itinerary given the shifty nature of weather in late December. We packed for bear, including aid shit and made a call the day prior to head for Arizona given its sunny and warm forecast.


Days Of Future Passed

Days Of Future Passed.

We were out the door on Thursday after work and got a quick night of sleep in Boise. We then decided to head down US93 through middle of nowhere, Nevada as it would be a new and presumably a more scenic option (vs. I5 or I15). Propelled by caffeine, junk food and audio books, we were slowed only by extended patches of freezing fog. Given the slower than expected progress, we decided to stop over in Vegas and to try to get a short route in before continuing on to Cochise the following day. To our surprise (should’ve done our homework), we found many trailheads on the scenic loop road in Red Rocks closed due to recent heavy rains. This also implied that the sandstone was probably also not quite ready to be manhandled. Later that day, we found ourselves in Benson, Arizona.




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    Road Trip

    Blondie’s bathroom break somewhere along US 93 in Nevada (Dec. 2010).

    Road Trip

    US 93 in Nevada somewhere between Ely and Las Vegas…freezing fog & generally shitty driving conditions (Dec. 2010).

    Red Rocks

    Ginger Buttress on a cold day in Red Rocks.

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