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Karate Crack

Karate Crack (Nov. 2005).

Saturday, Nov. 12, 2005 was spent in the main area at Smith. We did Karate Crack (5.10a) and I think Pack Animal Direct (5.10b). Probably some other stuff that escapes me now. On Sunday, we climbed Gruff (5.10a) and Wildfire (5.10b) in the Lower Gorge.


Karate Crack

Leading Karate Crack (5.10a; Nov. 2005).

Karate Crack

Shirley seconding Karate Crack (Nov. 2005).

Karate Crack

...more Karate Crack action (Nov. 2005).

Karate Crack

Almost done with Karate Crack (Nov. 2005).

Staenders Ridge

Staenders Ridge as seen from the Lower Gorge (Nov. 2005).


Leading the nice Gruff on the Wildfire Wall (Nov. 2005).


Leading the classic Wildfire (5.10b) route on the wall by the same name (Nov. 2005).


The Marsupials as seen from the west side of the Lower Gorge in Smith (Nov. 2005).

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