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Bienvenidos a mi Insomnio


A frantic week followed our return from Tasmania: laundry, repacking, restocking of some gear and supplies including much freeze dried food. Not to mention Shirley’s brief return to work including a quick, 3-day business trip to Palm Springs where I was forced to socialize much and drink more (good bourbon…rough shit). We did manage a day of climbing in J-tree which to my surprise was a ton of fun (used to think J-tree was lame…blasphemous, I know). The packing for our next trip presented some challenges. We needed quite a bit more stuff for Cochamo where a horse would carry much of it to the base camp and needed to be much more restrained for Frey where we’d be carrying all of the junk ourselves. A co-optimization problem. We finally settled on a streamlined 120 lbs of food and gear…


Bienvenidos a mi Insomnio

Bienvenidos a mi Insomnio.

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    Camp Farm.

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    Puerto Montt, Chile.


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