Touchstone Wall

Shirley jugging pitch 2 of Touchstone Wall before the storms sent us running...Park shuttle bus is below (June 2009).

Too few trips to date and even fewer successful climbs! First time we saw Zion was on a drive home from Red Rocks on a particularly cold and windy December (?) day. Somehow it took years to come back – don’t really know why.

Our first climbing trip was during a week long vacation in May of 2009 when we bailed off the Dihedral Wall in Yosemite and came to Zion to try and rebuild some confidence.
Moonlight Buttress

Sometime later in 2009, we came back for another miniature wall. We were hoping to do the classic Touchstone Wall but the skies opened up on us two pitches up and we bailed.

Later that same summer, we came back for Prodigal Sun as a warm up for something bigger. Unfortunately, the way things worked out on that trip, our mojo was killed for a good year after that.
Prodigal Sun (Incomplete)

Hoping for a few more trips here in the future.
Iron Messiah (November 2013)

A Few Misc. Shots

Touchstone Wall

Leading pitch 2 of Touchstone Wall route in Zion before we got rained off (June 2009).

Touchstone Wall

Shirley atop the P1 belay on Touchstone Wall in Zion National Park (June 2009).

Touchstone Wall

Pitch 2 roof on Touchstone Wall in Zion NP...and then the rain came (June 2009).