Rope Flicking Collection


Shirley on a large belay ledge two pitches up Gross-Fuhre route on the south face of Sass Pordoi. The glaciated north slope of Marmolada is in the background (July 2010).

Stolen Chimney

Shirley at the pitch 1 belay on the Stolen Chimney on Ancient Art (Dec. 2004).

Smoke Bluffs

T. making himself useful at The Smoke Bluffs (Aug. 2013).

Healy's Haunted House

Happy Shirley flaking the ropes atop of pitch 1 of Healy's Haunted House (Nov. 2004).

Astro Elephant

Shirley coiling ropes after a great climb! July 2008.

Lurking Fear

Starting the lead of pitch 4 of Lurking Fear on El Capitan. Day 2 (July 2009).

Old And In The Way

"Clip!" Haydar belaying me on Old And In The Way (5.10c) on Catwalk Cliff (Feb. 2008).

Lurking Fear

Leading pitch 17 of Lurking Fear ...short OW crack followed by easy ground to Thanksgiving Ledge. Our day 4 (July 2009).

Southeast Corner (Beacon Rock)

Shirley atop pitch 3 of the Southeast Corner route on Beacon Rock.

Liberty Crack

Nearing the top of P1 on Liberty Crack just below the roof known as Lithuanian Lip (July 2007).

Window Route

Leading P3 of Window Route - a bit of free to a bit of bolt ladder to a bit of free to .....FUN and unique pitch (Nov. 19, 2006).

First Kiss

Shirley starting up First Kiss on the Kiss Of The Lepers Buttress at Smith. Photo by our friend Haydar (Oct. 2003).