Our Climbing Resume

The Bend

Spending quality time with my love child.

Pre-Work Breakfast

Shirley finishing the last of the beer before the return flight home & work. Submitted for TR.

Turkey Monster

A gift from a pissed off yellowjacket. Submitted for TR (Oct. 2006).

St. Peters Dome

Blondie got tagged by (I’m guessing) a yellow jacket on her eyelid on the final day of our Dome nightmare. Compare this shot from Turkey Monster. This is for our TR (May 4th, 2008).

Crescent Arch

Ouchy ouch – banged my knee on something to the point of drawing blood (July 2008).

The Bend

My brother, Shirley, & Haydar having lunch in Tieton River Gorge, WA (Aug. 2006).

City Of Rocks

Martin, Shirley and Haydar enjoying (liquid) breakfast in City Of Rocks (June 2006).

El Potrero Chico

An artist's view of El Potrero Chico - drinking interrupted by some sport climbing...those are 32oz (~1L) bottles (Nov. 2011).

Reign Of Terror

A cut professionally fixed with climbing tape.

A Gift From Cochise

27 hours of driving. Followed by nearly breaking ankle. Followed by 27 hours of driving home.

Extremity Asymmetry

Where did my left elbow go?? An unexpected take-home gift from the Community Pillar route. Looks like a snake bite, feels like a broken elbow...for TR purposes (see here).

Fun In Climbing

Shirley & Blondie resorting gear over some beer for the next desert climb (Nov. 2005).

Nut Tool + Eye Socket = Fun!!

While rapping off the second pitch of the day at City Of Rocks, I thought to myself: "whouldn't it be fun to jam that nut tool into my right eye!!??" Seemed like a great idea at the moment (Apr. 29, 2006). PS Ladies, sorry - I'm married!


Shirley immersing herself in local Greek beer…err, I mean culture after a climb in Meteora (Sept. 2008).