Fun Raps

Perhaps the title should be Memorable Raps…Nothing fun about rapping other than it often is the final barrier separating a climber from the beer. Here are a handful of more photogenic ones from our experience.


Primrose Dihedrals

Shirley on the long and mostly free air rap down pitches 6, 5, and 4 of Primrose Dihedrals (Apr. 2012).

South Face

The wild first rappel off the summit ridge of Warbonnet...very cool (Labor Day 2003).

In Search Of Suds

Shirley rapping down the huge arch formed by Washer Woman's arms reaching into the tub. This is one of the wildest rappels we've done to date (November 25, 2005).

Owl Rock

Shirley rapping from Owl Rock after our climb of Olevsky Route (March 26, 2005).

West Face (Monkey Face)

Riding the pig down the long rap off of Monkey Face (June 2007).

Fine Jade

Shirley rapping down the final rap of Fine Jade. Note the rope hanging away from the lower part of the pitch - a nicely overhung OW crack starts your Fine Jade day (Apr. 30, 2006).

Via Scorpion

...more Spindel rapping action (Sept. 2008).

Sheep Rock

Shirley on the final rap down east/southeast face of Sheep Rock after our climb of Virgin Wool (Apr. 22, 2007).

Northwest Corner (NEWS)

Shirley on the free-air rap off of the giant chockstone after our climb of Northwest Corner route. View is roughly east (August 6, 2005).

Echo Pinnacle

Shirley on the 65 meter rap off the summit of Echo Pinnacle (Nov. 19, 2006).

Lost Arrow Tip

Shirley doing the "limp tyrolean" traverse from summit of Lost Arrow Spire back to rim following our climb of Lost Arrow Tip (June 6, 2004).

The Hindu

Shirley rapping off the summit of Maverick down the south face (Feb. 20, 2006).

Pioneer Route (Monkey Face)

My brother on the free air rap from Monkey Face (Aug. 2004).

The Priest

Shirley rapping off the summit of The Priest (Feb. 2009).