Cape Peninsula

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We hiked out the following morning and drove back to Cape Town where we’d spend the next two nights on our own while Ross went back home for Christmas. I have to say that we were both looking forward to a bit of touristy time and especially to some beach laziness.

That afternoon, motivated largely by Ross who’s an impressive amateur botanist, we checked out the botanical gardens in town. As far as city sights go, this one was worthwhile. Another excellent dinner in another random restaurant – can’t think of any other cities we’ve been to where the food quality vs. price ratio approaches that of Portland.

The following day we set out for a short road trip down the peninsula to Cape Of Good Hope. This included a stop at the famous Boulders Beach (penguins …and a shitload of people) and a few nice swimming beaches. The highlight was a white sandy beach inside the Cape Point National Park where we spent a few hours lying passively on the sand and occasionally going into the water for a flash freeze.


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