The Approach

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With the 4th of July holiday falling on a Wednesday this year, our calculation was that we could eke out a 5-day stretch at a cost of two vacation days: two days for round trip travel and a 3-day window to do the climb and spend the balance with family. Tide tables were showing reasonable windows on our 3 potential climb days as well. And so we were picked up from Heathrow by my cousin Jason and after a quick night at his and Agata’s place we found ourselves on the ferry bound for the Isle of Wight on a sunny Thursday morning. The remainder of the day was spent on a visit to the Old Battery (to chat with the administrator regarding our plans), a little bit of sightseeing and some family times. With the exception of a couple quick London visits, this was our first real trip to the UK and so we were pretty excited at the prospect of climbing in a new to us country.


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