Pao de Acucar

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The next day, Duda picked us up right on schedule and drove us a short distance to the base of the Pao de Acucar (Sugarloaf) mountain. There we were joined by Didi and Adilio for a short hike to the base of the Italianos route on the proud looking, western prow of the formation. While Shirley and I climbed the Via dos Italianos route with the now standard Secundo finish (9 pitches total and about 5.10), the guys went up the via ferrata next door and shot some cool photos of us on the route. The climbing on the first two pitches felt quite hard especially for a first/warm-up route and, with the large patches of wet slab we had to cross higher up, we understood why the guys insisted on delaying the start of climbing by a day. We topped out around lunch time (having skipped the last, very wet pitch of slab in favor of the cable finish) and joined the guys for some beers and views. A cable car ride and a quick hike down and we were back at our hotel in the early afternoon with plenty of time to hit the beach. It seems we only enjoy beach time after at least a small dose of climbing.


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