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  1. Hi guys! I believe I recognize you from a guest lecture at Mazamas AR class in Portland 2011. Would this sound familiar? Well I’ve always been a sport climber until I learned a bit of trad last year. I’m looking for some advice on Prusik Peak as I’m headed there in a few weeks with a friend. I consider myself a strong sport climber (5.11’s) but I’m still a newbie at trad. I’ve lead mostly 5.8 trad pretty comfortably, but nit wanting to push myself too much. I’m wondering if the Stanley Burgner route will be over my head. I’ve not done any alpine climbing to date. Wat do you think?

    1. Hi Keith, it’s been a while since we’ve done Stanley-Burgner but I don’t recall anything runout on it (even the chimney seemed well protected …as far as my memory serves). Go do it – it’s a very fun little route! Just don’t wait too many wks or the weather window’s going to close. Have fun.

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